H.P. Technologies, Inc. is an independent utility procurement firm with a 30 year history of assisting it’s clients in saving money through the prudent purchasing of natural gas & electricity.  We service both large and small commercial and industrial accounts, and provide the best possible pricing by shopping rates between dozens of suppliers.

As utility consultants and energy brokers armed with decades of experience and market intelligence, HPT helps consumers wade through the complex process of purchasing  utilities. We partner with our clients to assess their needs and secure the best pricing available, resulting in utility savings for the customer. OUR ADVICE IS FREE!

gas imageGas Savings

Typically, the market for natural gas is affected by four primary factors: weather, natural gas inventory, natural gas production, and what’s occurring in the marketplace with other fuels, primarily oil.

As experienced natural gas consultants, the people at H.P. Technologies have the expertise and the know-how to monitor and analyze natural gas market trends, so our clients can focus on running their business. The result is natural gas savings for the consumer. We also publish a regular newsletter detailing natural gas market pricing and trends.

HPT works with multiple natural gas suppliers to help negotiate and secure a natural gas pricing plan that best fits the client’s needs. Options range from fixed rate contracts that allow companies to set their budgets properly without having to worry about unknown costs and market volatility, to convertible variable-to-fixed rate arrangements that allow consumers to take advantage of increased natural gas savings should pricing turn in their favor.

To receive our natural gas pricing trends newsletter or for more information on HPT‘s natural gas cost-saving services contact Bill Gibb either by email ( or by phone (440-225-9266).  We would be happy to review your bill and put it out for bid with our roster of suppliers for a FREE quote.  We feel certain that we will be able to save you money as well as time that you won’t have to spend shopping for the best rates.


As electric utility deregulation becomes more widespread, sorting through the red tape to find the best electric utility rates becomes more complex. The electric utility consultants at H.P. Technologies are experienced in the workings of this complex industry, and work with multiple suppliers of electricity to negotiate and secure the best electricity utility savings for the customer.

Electric utility bills can account for a substantial part of a business’ operating costs, so lowering electric utility costs can lead to substantial savings. HPT has worked with numerous commercial and industrial entities to help them lower electric utility costs. We also can play an important role in a company’s assessment of power management and equipment issues for a big-picture, electric utility savings approach.

For a FREE quote on electric , please contact Bill Gibb at (, or call (440-225-9266).  We look forward to saving you money.



Finally!  We’re happy to introduce savings for your home on both gas & electric.  We’ve offered the best savings for commercial properties for over 30 years.  Now we can save you money on your utilities for your home.  Enroll for FREE and start to save!   This link offers the lowest price available…



While HP Technologies saves money on commercial and industrial accounts, Consumer Choice Marketing handles residential accounts for both gas and electric.  Once again, contact Bill Gibb for a quote on residential utility savings.  Email him at ( or call (440-225-9266).  This quote will also be provided FREE of charge.

*CCM also provides  the opportunity to become an energy broker, and earn residual income.  Be a customer, be a broker, or be both…it’s up to you.


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